There are many types of doors and woods to choose from when picking the one that’s right for you, here are a few styles, and information on wood types.

Raised Panel Cabinet Door

The center panel of a raised panel cabinet door has sloped routed edges that make it seem as though it is protruding forward. This cabinet door design is available with either a square or arched center panel.


Recessed Panel Cabinet Door

In a recessed panel cabinet door, the center panel is flat and recessed back from the face of the door frame. This cabinet door style is available in either a square or arched center panel.


Beadboard Cabinet Door

Sometimes referred to as Cape Cod, this cabinet door style has vertical grooves routed into the front of the recessed center panel.



Slab Cabinet Door:

A flat, smooth surface, free of any groves or interior edging.┬áThe cabinet door thickness is generally 3/4″. Solid wood slab doors can expand and contract more than frame and panel doors. ┬áThese doors can also be routed for finger grooves, creating the option of eliminating handles or pulls.



another option for your kitchen, should you like the style of doors you have, and are only looking to update the current look, is to have your doors sanded and refinished. We offer a variety of stains and paint colors to chose from. We’re also able to match your current cupboard doors, if a new pantry is something you’re looking to add.

Be sure to come to our showroom and see our wide selection of doors and finishes, find the best one suited to you!