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How do we get started?

Planning is everything.

What look do we want?

Where do we go from here?

Step by Step

How do we get started?

What's the first step?

When it comes time to renovate, you should be looking for a company that knows all aspects of home renovation and can take care of all your renovation needs. A contractor is someone who can organize and simplify the job for you. Knowing the right trades people and having built a relationship with them over the years is an important asset. They know who to trust, and who does reputable work. You don’t need to worry about who to schedule first, or what steps or permits are required, we’ll be there every step of the way and we’ll keep you informed.

Adira will work with you to bring your ideas together, so that you fully understand all concepts of your project. The first step is deciding what you need done. When you walk into the kitchen, what is the first thing you notice? Grab a pen and paper and jot down a few things you would like to change. Note if they’re aesthetic, organizational, lay out, or in need of replacing.  Sometimes, it can fall in the same category,  only write things once, classify them in the more important column. We’ll explain why later.


Planning is everything.

DIY or full renovation?

A kitchen remodel is a big deal—not something to be approached rashly. This is where we tend to spend most of our time and should have this space tailored to suit our needs. You’ll want to figure out exactly what you’re getting for your money.  Thats’s where our planning and design come in.

The easiest way to save big? Keep your current layout. Look at that list you made, do you have more items under aesthetic, layout, organizational or needs replacing? This will determine the reason behind your reno. It will also help you with your budget. If you aren’t looking to replace any appliances, you can always take from that percentage (appliances and vents), and upgrade from a laminate counter top, to granite.

It’s important to decide if you want a kitchen remodel, or just help making the existing cabinets more appealing and useful. We are able to refinish or replace cabinet doors, hardware, install full extension soft close dovetail drawers, as well as many other useful organisational systems in your current kitchen, many of which, you’re able to install yourself with our DIY packages. If it’s the whole area you want to have redone, the process is similar, just much more detailed and more decision making on your behalf. You will be as involved as you want to be, and we’re able to help you narrow down your choices with our expertise and knowledge of products. Whichever you chose, we’re here to help you!


What look do we want?

out with the old, in with the new!

We always suggest doing a rough draft of your current kitchen layout to bring in with you, and on a separate piece of paper, a draft of your dream kitchen. Whatever you wish you had, whether it’s removing a wall, building a custom pantry or adding a waterfall!  The sky is the limit with your wishlist, just remember to be a little flexible..

Once your kitchen is drawn up, go online, and check out some photos of kitchens (you can start here.) It’s time to decide if you want dark, or light cabinets / flooring / counter tops.  This will give us an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve. If you have no idea what would look best, it’s no problem at all! We have over 200 doors to choose from in our showroom and can help you choose the one to help complete the look you’re after.

Once you’ve completed your rough drafts and have an idea about color, call us. 780-489-6450, and book an appointment to come to the showroom. There, our designer will be able to advise what would be possible, and what materials would be needed to achieve the desired look. We’ll help you choose your cabinet doors , fixtures and accessories. ( we’ve photographed a few, there are hundreds to chose from!) we’re able to provide you with a 3D drawing of your new kitchen layout, and suggest any necessary changes to your dream kitchen (to stay within budget, maybe the waterfall could be replaced with an amazing faucet instead. )

Our hours are posted for your convenience during the day, but should you need a later appointment be sure to let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Where do we go from here?

Ask the expert

You’ve decided on counters, floors, doors, fixtures, back splash and a few Adira specialty items for the corner cupboard and pot drawer. You know the paint color, the appliances and where you’re going to hang your family photo. Now what?

Now, if a full reno is ordered, we remove your existing kitchen, but don’t fret, there’s still lots of life left in those cabinets. We donate the old kitchen cabinets to Habitat for Humanity. So know that you’re helping contribute to a great organisation with the purchase of your new kitchen.

How long will the reno take from start to finish?
-It all depends on what’s being done, changed, and if there are any bumps along the way! We can better answer this question once we have your blueprint, work order, and necessary permits required.

What do I need to do?
-If there are any things that are required on your behalf, we’ll be sure to let you know. Other than clear out your cabinets and move your appliances, we’ve got things pretty much under control. 

My dishwasher flooded a couple times 2 years ago, will this be an issue?
-Water damage can cause mold, and decay of wood. If there’s anything going on back there, we’ll point it out and go over a few options to help resolve the issue quickly and safely. 

We bought a new stove, and it’s only 2 inches longer than the old one, can I request a change while the installers are here?
– Our installers are qualified and thorough, if you requested to move something, even if only a couple of inches, it could throw off the rest of your kitchen, causing that fancy new granite counter to no longer fit. It’s best to have everything chosen and unchanged once you sign your name on the dotted line. We can always make adjustments before the installation begins, give us a call.

Step by Step


We did it! It’s installed. Your kitchen looks awesome. Be sure to walk through and test out your doors and cupboards. Our service team will ensure that everything, including each door,  the trim, kick plates, light switches and knobs are properly installed. We’ll have you initial the checklist and sign off on your kitchen reno, and leave you to enjoy the dream that became a reality.

If there are any issues, just send us an email or a phone call and we’ll have our service guys head as soon as possible.

Step back and take a look at what you created!…

Now, about that outdated bathroom of yours…

Plan for every detail.

Browse our products to help give you ideas.

Thank you and please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your next Kitchen Renovation.

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