Featured Product: Quartz and Granite!

Featured price, starting at $75.00/sq ft!

If you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade and always thought quartz or granite were too expensive, you’re going to want to brace yourself for this!

We’re now selling our Builder Series; 19 granite colors and 12 quartz colors, for a cool $75.00/sq ft – including installation and an under mount sink space!

you: “WHAT?”
us: “yes!”
you: “You can’t be serious!?”
us: “We are.”

Pick your color, come to the showroom to confirm and place your order, we’ll send out a professional to measure (with lazer precision.)  and manufacture your specifically detailed counter top . We’ll then contact you once the piece (s) are ready and set up a time to install them.

Easy as pie, which will look nice, sitting on your new counter.